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Stonehall Consultancy Ltd 

What We Do


Stonehall Consultancy Ltd draws on a combined 50 years of military and operational experience.

Our associates have operated in high intensity situations in some of the harshest and most hostile environments, working under constant and severe pressure. This has given us a unique perspective and the skills necessary to build a large and trustworthy network that is able to operate globally.

Using this experience, our deep knowledge of strategic operations and our well established and trusted network, we are able to provide real time intelligence, security advice and threat assessments that others cannot.
As a Task Force, we have the capabilities to strategically plan, facilitate and deliver the extraction of persons of interest and High Value Targets, as well as translation and interpreter services, specifically multiple Arabic dialects and Russian.


With operators in The United Kingdom, The United States, Europe and The Middle East, as a Task Force, we can provide a globally expansive reach. 

At Stonehall Consultancy Ltd, we aim to bring about positive change. We are highly motivated and driven by the desire to help those less fortunate than us. The men, women and children that have been left with nothing other than the vulnerability they now face, as a result of conflict.




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