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Available Assets

Armoured B7 Vehicles (With Drivers)

Our team is made up of highly skilled, motivated and trustworthy expatriates, on the ground, with more than 50 years combined experience in Afghanistan. 

We have the capability to move around country, safely, securely and with official backing from the new and current establishment. No other agency can provide such a security detail within Afghanistan.


Registered, Professional Armed Security Detail (Papers Available)

As a task force, we have the ability to not only provide armoured vehicles and drivers, but using our highly trained and experienced team, we can provide an armed security detail. Our team is fully registered and are the epitome of professionalism. Not only do we have this capability, but we have the backing and assistance of the establishment. 


Image by Mohammad Rahmani

A Network of Safe Locations

We have a spectrum of safe locations, houses and apartments, all available with fully functioning amenities and WiFi. 
Each location has its own security detail, meaning our clients can feel 100% safe and secure. 



Extraction of High Value Targets

As a Task Force, using our extensive network, highly skilled and experienced team and with the support of the current establishment in Afghanistan, we are able to strategically plan, facilitate and deliver extraction operations for persons of interest and High Value Targets. We have a secure compound that can house up to 800 individuals and their families that we use as a holding area pre extraction. 

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Image by Enric Moreu

Fully Licenced Medical Access

Through our network, we have access to fully licenced and professional, private medical care and assistance. We have sourced and supplied hospitals with medical kit, equipment and medicines, from anti-biotics to pre and post natal care.